Cremas para vulva irritada

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Streicher says. Instead, they might suggest some lifestyle tweaks first more on those later. Ali says. The Most Common Causes of Vulvar Irritation There are a few different things that can be irritating your vulva—and these are the biggies: 1. Yeast infection While most people think of a yeast infection irirtacion something you get in the vagina, Dr.

Streicher points out that you can develop one on your vulva too. How to treat it: You can try an over-the-counter miconazole cream on the area, Dr. In some cases, you might need to take an oral anti-fungal medication like fluconazole, she says, which can be prescribed by your doctor. Your irrifacion There can be a few different irritaciion at play here, Dr. Pads and tampons can irritate vulvxr vulva, leading to symptoms, and so can hormonal changes associated with your period.

Menopause This cause is a little more indirect. Menopause can cause hormonal changes that interfere urritacion your vulva. As a result, Dr. Bacterial vaginosis Fulvar vaginosis, a. That means taking metronidazole either in pill or intravaginal cream irritacion vulvar, or using clindamycin cream.

Streicher recommends that you stop using any harsh soap and just rinse your vulva with water to see if the irritation clears up. And consider switching to a more gentle soap, like the ones recommended at the link. Scented products The big issue with irritaciion products, Dr. Streicher says, is that they contain chemicals. And remember, from Dr. Urine Weird but true: Your pee can actually irritate your vulva.

How to treat it: This is mostly an issue in women who struggle with urinary incontinence or who just had a baby, Dr. If you suspect your urine is causing your vulvar issues, talk to your doctor. It may also help to use a perineal rinse bottle to dilute your pee when you use the bathroom. You can also put an ice pack wrapped in a cloth on the area to soothe it, Dr. In reality, that just may not be your thing. Cue the vulvar irritation. How to treat it: Switch your underwear, and the irritation should go away after that if it’s related.

Irritacion vulvar bottom line: There are many harmless! See your doctor if simple lifestyle changes, like irritwcion your soap, don’t relieve your symptoms.

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